Team | Who are we?

iRights.Law is a partnership of attorneys. We are connected through our joint interest in legal questions of a digital world. Each of us is also highly specialised in defined areas within our joint area of interest and has a rich experience. We will adjust and combine the different competencies according to your needs, allowing us to consistently and flexibly deliver a high quality of results.

For further details on biography and publications of each of our team members, please click on the corresponding name.

Managing Partners:


Dr. Till Kreutzer

Telephone +49 30 756 387 89


Prof. Dr. Paul Klimpel

Telephone +49 30 756 387 92


Jan Schallaböck

Telephone +49 30 5459

 Associated Partners:



Jennifer Charlotte Hammer

Telephone +49 30 5459 8130







Photos Partners: Hansgeorg Schöner, http://www.dasschö, edited by Jennifer Hammer, photo Fabian Rack: Jenny Fitz, photo Jennifer Hammer: Anna Loschen Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag.