Philosophy | What's our point of view?

The legal framework surrounding our digital society cannot be understood isolated from technological, societal, political, organizational, and economic change. A simple application of jurisprudence does not ensure integration of this knowledge into practice. At iRights.Law, we acknowledge these different aspects being interconnected. In doing so, we built upon our expertise from many years of experience.

iRights.Law cooperates with the non-profit information portal iRights.Info, as well as with iRights.Lab, which develops sustainable and holistic legal strategies for our digital society. On this basis, we are able to help our clients with specific legal expertise, however, keeping the interdependencies of factors going beyond legal instruments in mind. In doing so, our primary goal is to avoid litigation, be it by providing for preventive consultancy (before a legal problem arises) or by solving legal problems, afterwards, by means of out-of-court agreements. Of course, if necessary, we will also represent you in court.

As lawyers highly specialized in Information Laws, we provide you for consultancy and represent you, wherever you should have legal questions concerning the digital world. If these questions should also concern other areas of law, we are able to cooperate with a variety of further law firms and experts covering the respective domain.